In February 2016, softwood lumber exports from Russia grew 29% to 1.7 million m3

    10 April 2016

In January-February 2016, the volume of exports of softwood lumber from Russia increased by 2% (yoy) to 3 million m3 at $347 million (-15% yoy).

“In February 2016, there has been a marked revival in the major softwood lumber markets after low business activity and the short working month in January. Sales in Europe increased by 69% (m/m) to 289 thousand m3, in Japan by 28% (m/m) to 86 thousand m3, in China by 17% to 800 thousand m3. Egypt, the largest consumer of Russian softwood lumber in the MENA region, for the first time after seven months of reduced deliveries, increased imports by 74% (m/m) in February to 148 thousand m3,” commented the timber industry analytics agency WhatWood.