Our Mission

To promote trade and investment pro­grams, develop liaison between business communities, provide forum to enhance access to information about the legal infrastructure for businesses, provide cultural understanding between the business partners of Russia and Pakistan.

Our Services

We provide complex services to the companies and organizations involved in economic and trade relations between Russia and Pakistan. Our team of experts is ready to help you with the investment possibilities and inquiries of the products.

We Promote

  • The investment climate in Russia and Pakistan.
  • Investment projects and incentives.
  • To find current locations for manufacturing.
  • Companies looking for the entry into Russian /Pakistani markets for investment.

We Assist

  • Investors in implementing green field projects.
  • Companies in establishing Joint-Ventures.
  • In business development programs.
  • Clients in search of best locations for the business.
  • Investment incentives, tax reductions, government, guarantees and grants.
  • Businesses in creating new opportunities.
  • Establishing small and medium sized enterprises Exploring new markets and partnership.

We Offer

  • Land and property for investment.
  • Complex information about laws and regulations.
  • Detailed regional analyses for business.
  • Cooperation with national, government and private organizations.
  • Information about Russian and Pakistani markets for the companies interested.
  • Information about the business environment in Russian and Pakistan.
  • New business contacts and opportunities.
  • Facilities for administrating of state support for business development programs.
  • Trade events for products introduction.