Gennadiy Seleznev conducted a meeting of Russian Business Council for Cooperation with Pakistan

    11 November 2014

A regular meeting of the Business Council for Cooperation with Pakistan (BCCP) took place in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation. There were three key issues on the agenda:
– presentation of the Alliance Messenger, the journal published by BCCP;
– summing up the results of 2014;
– discussion and approval of the plan for 2015.

The meeting was conducted by the Head of BCCP, ex-Chairman of the State Duma (1996-2003) Gennadiy Seleznev.
Mr. Seleznev underlined the importance of the Alliance Messenger, a journal by BCCP, as it should become an instrument for cooperation providing useful information about our two countries. According to Mr. Seleznev, Russia and Pakistan have considerable potential for cooperation. Russia is under sanctions these days, so we must help Pakistan to enter the Russian market – first and foremost as a supplier of traditional agricultural products which should meet the demand on the Russian market. Pakistan already made some practical steps in the realm of industry – an agreement was reached with the administration of Penza oblast to set up a leather furniture JV and found a pharmaceutical plant.

Zahid Khan, CEO of BCCP, summarized the results of 2014 and announced the upcoming meetings in 2015. Although this year a lot of business meetings were conducted in our countries, the effectiveness of the actions taken was rather poor. Sergey Vasilyev, BCCP V.C., noted that it’s important to take into account the peculiarities of Pakistan when establishing business relations with this country.