Negotiations between S. Dankvert, Head of Rosselhoznadzor, and Zaheer Aslam Janjua, Ambassador of Pakistan

    23 August 2014

Sergey Dankvert, Head of Rosselhoznadzor, mentioned that the commodity circulation between Russia and Pakistan are rapidly developing. During the first half of year 2014, Pakistan has delivered agricultural products in the amount of $75 million, whereas the agricultural products delivered in 2013 costed $104 million total.

Zaheer Aslam Janjua, Ambassador of Pakistan, noted that trade and economic relations between Russia and Pakistan are based on strong political connections. Currently there is an opportunity to increase Pakistani food products supply, food traditionally delivered from Pakistan – such as citrus fruit or potatoes – as well as new products like dairy, meat, fish or seafood. For example, Pakistan could surpass the amount of lamb meat that used to be delivered to Russia from Australia. Large supplies of veal are also possible. Two sides have reached an agreement to exchange technical information that is crucial for safe delivery of food products. Zaheer Aslam Janjua stressed that Pakistani food producers are willing to comply with all Russian legal requirements and the rules of the Customs Union. As Janjua noted, Pakistan is interested in direct supply of the whole spectrum of products in Russia. As the scope of supply increases, this will benefit for the improvement of logistics.

Both sides agreed to exchange technical information required to start supplying new products. Zaheer Aslam Janjua also noted that Pakistani companies will be participating in the international agricultural exhibition World Food that is taking place in Moscow in September 2014.