Russia and Pakistan are establishing a business relationship

    05 June 2014

The Business Council for cooperation with Pakistan held a meeting in the Russian Chamber of Commerce.

The meeting was opened by Vladimir Padalko, Head of the Department for Foreign Relations and cooperation with Business Councils of the Chamber of Commerce. He explained that Russia considered Pakistani market very promising and assured that Russia was ready to develop mutually profitable relations with Pakistan.

Gennadiy Seleznev, Head of Russian Business Council for Cooperation with Pakistan, noted that Russia is willing to expand its relations with Pakistan, intergovernmental as well as those between private businesses. During the last years, several Pakistani delegations have visited Russia, which is an evidence of interest towards our country. In its turn, Russian Business Council for Cooperation with Pakistan is putting all the effort to help Russian and Pakistani businesspeople find points of contact, says Seleznev. He also reminded that a number of Pakistani companies had been in the Russian market for many years, some of them even since the Soviet times. Russian market provides unlimited opportunities for foreign partners, assuming that they follow the phitosanitary rules.

Habib Ahmed, Honorary Consul of Russia in Pakistan, expressed his assuredness that Russian and Pakistani partners are going to reach success in collective projects. Ahmed proposed that all the issues should be solved in a mutually profitable way. He said that he would do anything depending on him to bring Russia and Pakistan closer to each other. Not only do Pakistani companies want to work in the Russian market, but they also wish to invest in projects in Russia. The medical and pharmaceutical branch, as well as light industry, are good examples. Pakistani businessmen say that importing raw materials for leather production is of high interest to them. Ajmal Chima, director of the biggest Pakistani leather raw materials processing company, invited Russian businessmen to come to Pakistan on business missions.