General Satellite is launching a project in Pakistan

    15 January 2014

General Satellite, a Russian corporation that produces digital satellite broadcasting equipment, is planning to found an operating company in Pakistan. In 2014, General Satellite’s small satellite dishes and receivers are most likely going to appear on the Pakistani market. The project at its initial stage is aimed at the elite sector of the market. The company is hoping to recruit up to 1 million subscribers during the next five years.

In September 2012, General Satellite announced about its decision to enter the Pakistani market and opened an office in Islamabad. In the last year, the company joined the board of the Russian Business Council for Cooperation with Pakistan under the Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation.

“It is no coincidence that General Satellite is on the board of the Business Council for Cooperation with Pakistan,” says Sergey Dolgopolskiy, General Satellite’s director of the department for foreign broadcasting. “This corresponds to our internal objectives. The experience and the ties we get when working with our Pakistani partners could be useful for other Russian businesspeople who are planning activities in this country.”